Auto Insurance Tips – Getting the Most For Your Money

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In today’s world, the cost of everything is rising – it’s simple economics. Goods such as fuel and cars cost more than ever. Many people might simply call this inflation, and put up with it. However, when it comes to getting cheap auto insurance, there are ways to save considerable amounts of money – despite what many people believe.

To understand this and to understand how to lower our policy costs, we must know what affects it. As the old saying goes “once you can measure something, you can manage it”. There are many things that will affect your auto insurance price that you have no control over, such as your age, where you live, and your previous driving record. Instead of trying to change this (which is impossible, unless you want to move house), it is better to focus on the things that we can control. For example, when buying your next car realize that the type of car you buy will affect the price of your car insurance drastically. Buying a car with a big engine will raise your premium, whereas buying a car fitted with various safety devices will lower the cost of your insurance.

Secondly, although you can’t control your past driving record, you can control the destiny and the look of your future driving record. Since most auto insurance companies only look at your previous 3 years of driving experience when calculating a price, you can never permanently mess up your record (thankfully). Thirdly, increasing your deductible/excess will lower your insurance premium, as it takes some of the risk off of your insurer. This is a big feature that most people never consider (or even know that they could change).

The choice is up to you as you’re taking on a larger risk by accepting a larger deductible, but if you’re a safe and sensible driving then you should have nothing to worry about. Another way of saving money that is often overlooked is combining multiple separate policies together. To do this, you must have some other kind of insurance (such as home insurance) with the same company as your car insurer. From then on, you should be able to request discounts for having multiple policies. If you don’t have multiple policies with the same auto insurer call them up and ask them if they’ll offer better rates if you switch over to them. You might be pleasantly surprised!