The worst thing about expensive teen auto insurance rates is that they affect a driving group with the least amount of average monthly disposable income. Unfair as it sounds, it seems that those who make the least seem to pay the most. But there are a few things teenager drivers can do to reduce the amount of auto insurance premiums they pay each month. One common discount offered by car insurance providers gives an immediate price discount just by maintain good grades in school.

And don’t think that you have to be a genius to qualify. In fact, for most auto insurance providers that offer this discount, all you have to do is maintain a B average. Being that you should be getting at least a B anyway, chances are that you can get this savings. The process is quite simple. Just present a current school transcript or most recent report card to your insurance company, and you should instantly get the discount for your teen auto insurance payments.

Insurance companies determine how much they will will charge an individual based on a number of factors. But at its root, they are trying to estimate how risky an investment you will be. You see, insurance providers make money on safe drivers. Riskier drivers tend to cost the insurance companies money because of accident and damage restoration. By showing these companies that you can maintain good grades, you are showing them that you are a responsible teenager, and theoretically a “better” driver.

You may already qualify for a reduction in the teen auto insurance premiums that you currently have. Just by having a B average in school (high school or college), there’s a high probability that you can take advantage of this insurance savings.